Music Saves

There’s a lot going on right now. So much crying from our brothers, so much lives have lost. So many innocent people suffering from the wrath that those sitting on the higher grounds did. I don’t know what’s really happening, I don’t know what’s they are fighting for, all I know is that our world is now broken.

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How Deep is Your Faith?

Para kaming styrofoam, na kahit ilubog kami sa ilalim [ng dagat], lulutang pa rin kami dahil sa aming kababawan.

We’re like styrofoam, even you put us into deep [of the ocean], still we will surface because of our shallowness“, words from a friend. She is pertaining about her faith in this one. Faith of believing and living for God. She is a believer, she has a faith, but it’s not enough according to her.

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