I have always dreamed that I wish I could fly
Above the mountains, soaring up high
I have always wanted to see all things far below
To travel above the river and watch how it flows

I wish I have wings to lift me up above
To glide along the wind, to fly in every cloud
I wanted a wings so mighty and strong
So I can travel far above the ocean, to reach every shore

But I am only human, I don’t have wings
I am not capable of floating, not even a slightest drift
I cannot hover around the grass or levitate across the water
I can’t hang up with air, nor rise like a mist from the under

But I will still fly, I will soar
I will levitate like you’ve never known what is flying before
I will rise, I’ll stand tall
I may stay grounded but I ain’t going to fall

I’ll be flying high as I reach all my dreams
As I reach all that I can and trust the voice within
I’ll be flying free, far from nothingness
Far from where I was before, far from emptiness

I may not be perfect but still I will try
To do what others think is impossible, my dreams will never die
I ain’t getting any younger but life never gets old
I can still achieve something, still there are aspirations to mold

I may not have wings but I won’t falter
I won’t diminish, I am far from over
I maybe struggling and maybe I am slow
But I know I can be there, through the distance I will go

I may not have wings but I will be in control
I can leap through my faith, by His grace I can soar.


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