Always Saying Goodbye

Hurriedly went to sleep, lay down in the night
Sleep tight wait for tomorrow and everyone’s out of sight
Grasping all the sorrow, remembering all the pain
There’s no one out for tomorrow, no one’s waiting in the rain

Hurt will come from the distance, and it won’t fade too soon
Joy will come from the inside, it will once in the blue moon
Love will teach you how to cry, it’ll never be in your side
Love will teach you how to see that happiness could sometimes make you sad

Everyone is too loud and moving too fast to see
It is like they’re here, in a moment they’re out of thee
Call them they can’t hear you, they don’t know how to care
Believing they’re just busy, and in sadness you will remain

Make them happy then they’ll remember you for just a while
Hurt them then they’ll remember you with anger in their minds
They’re always walking away when you’re staying
Then they find a reason to stay when you’re now finally moving

Where is this belongingness when you can barely touch no one’s hand?
Where are the words that supposed to be lingering – the promise of forever love?
After that laughters and happiness you were left with all the tears
Then you find yourself looking, begging them not to leave

You’re giving all you’ve got just to get that chance to go that far
That there is this true friendship beyond the farthest star
Concealing any possibility that they’re not just passing by
But in reality no one’s saying ‘hello’, they’re always saying ‘goodbye’.


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