You may stumble when you walk along the way of life
Where no one you can run, no one is at your side
But you can’t stop now, be strong just hold on tight
Help will soon be yours, someone will be there to guide

When everyone seems questioning, when everything is in doubt
Stay true to yourself, don’t let them count you out
Be resilient, be tough for there are sometimes clouded sky
They can bring you all the rain but face them and fly

A great way to share life is by sharing all your self
Touching someone’s life is the best feeling here on earth
Let be you the fire of every dream of every heart
Make them all believe, bring all our people in love

I have learned in this life that you have to fall sometimes for you to rise up
You will be thrown in the darkness for you to see the light
That each and every night will always be the beginning of the new day
And we are losing so there will be a space for the new things on our way

And remember that whenever we’re in pain, there’s happiness awaiting
For every tears we’ve shed, soon we will be in joy celebrating
For every down fall, anguish, atrocities and for world’s hate
Make a stand, just believe, be brave and resonate!


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