A Smile that I Would Never See Again

It’s been a long time since we lived together
Seems like everything is ours, seems like it’ll be forever
It’s been happy days when I am with you
The laughters we’ve shared, everything we’ve been through

Can’t compare to anything your being and yourself
Can’t compare the days we actually spent
Can’t live a day without trying to think of you
Still I can’t say the word ‘love’ without having the word ‘you’

Every time you smile, I smiled inside I am
Every time you frown, I want to feel your pain
I want to share everything, every joy with you
I want you to be my inspiration, it’s true

And now, it’s been days since you’ve been gone
I can’t feel your touch, can’t feel your warmth
And now I can’t see the way you look into my eyes
I just don’t feel the same, I don’t feel alright

For I love you, I loved you, I’ve been loving you so much
For I care, I cared and I still care about you a lot
Still dreaming the dream, I dreamt about you last night
It was all a perfect scene but in a sudden there’s no light

I am loving you… still you haven’t known
Someone is loving you, someone with broken soul
He’s looking through your eyes trying to tell you his inside
How he hated your eyes, how he hated your smile

But I am missing you now, I missed you a lot
Still I am hoping that we’ll going to be alright
‘Cause still I want to smile the way I smiled with you
Still I want to breathe the words ‘I love you’

It’s been a long time since we’ve known each other
Seems like everything is ending, seems like it isn’t for ever
It’s been lonely days since you move yourself away
The laughters we’ve shared, they all started to wane.


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