Here In The Rain

I am tired, as if this breathing is now getting hard for me
I am suffocated, many things going on my mind unendingly
I want to lay my self down where there is no pain and fears
I want to cry but there’s no tears left to wash away my grief

I am cold, I can’t feel any peace for every day
I am soaking in nothingness like I’m walking in the rain
I want to stay away from all of these, I want to have everything back
I want to stand against all atrocities, but I just can’t, there’s no luck

I look into the mirror and I just can’t see my self
My soul is lost in nowhere, I’m in the middle of emptiness
Killing all the feelings, pain, hurt, even the slightest joy
I have to vanished everything so there’s nothing left to me at all

I don’t want to feel any joy for soon I know I will cry
I don’t want to feel I’m alive for tomorrow I might die
Everything has its own price, when you take you should give
You just have to choose in some moments, will you stay or will you leave?

I am losing now my mind and any ways of holding
I am in the middle of waning, in the verge of dying
‘Cause Lord You’re giving me so much and now I cannot bear
Lord I need Your voice to hear, please tell me that You still care

Seems I lost now everything, I just lost all desires in my life
Should I be picking up the pieces or let those all wither on the ground?
Should I continue on living, should I continue walk in this way?
Or should I now stop on moving and just stay on my yesterday?

Everything is here and perfect but soon will be gone
Clouds are hovering and in a moment will shower down
How come You’re always with them and for me You are gone?
Why is it raining in me when everyone’s enjoying the sun?

I looked up high above and watched how it pours on earth
How it watered the dying and washed away all the dirt
May it be like Your love that can take away all my pain
If that’s the way how You’ll be saving me then I’ll be waiting here in the rain.


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