Cum Deus Videātor Remotus (When God Seems Distant)

Silence in darkness, weeping inside
Grasping for a breath and still couldn’t find
Flowing without direction, dying in pain
Walking full of emotion, looking back again

Tired of running in endless scourging path
Hold me now for I need to feel alive
I’ve been here wondering, I’m a wanderer of this life
Still can’t find a reason, still don’t have a ground

And here again, I lay my broken self
Longing for You to come, waiting for me to be heard
Where are You now? I have been reaching out to You
Can You stay for a while till I can make it through?

Why is it when we’re crying there always His silence?
Why is it when we’re needing we always feel His absence?
Why is it when we’re looking He’s always out of our sight?
Why is it when we’re losing, we always feel we’re unloved?

And it seems God is always distant whenever we’re in pain
It is more of feeling that He left us than He stays
It is more of the silence than His merciful voice
It is more of nothingness than His everlasting words

But still we should never lose any ways of holding
For He had never been gone, and He knows what we are feeling
For He wants us to learn the deepest way to worship Him
It is when we felt so helpless and yet we still believe in Him

He promised that He’ll never leave us in every moment of our life
His words will linger as each day passes us
We should keep on believing, we should hold on our faith
For we know He’ll never forsake us, He’ll always be our saving grace

Yes, He seems to be distant for such some time
And almost He is gone always in our eyes
But I know we never tried to lose Him, we never let Him to be far
For whenever we don’t see Him, He’s praying inside our heart.


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