White Love Story

I never got the chance to write something for you
Never had the way of showing that you are my truth
Never in my dreams that we will be in this way
Time had separated us, and we can’t bring it back today

Sorry for I let this world took my life that fast
Sorry for I let my soul die, sorry I can’t go back
I just let this love slid away from my hands
I just let my everything be nothing now in my mind

I am sorry for I never had the intentions to save my life for you
I am sorry for I loved you and trusted all my love to you
I’m sorry for I made you be my world without asking your permission
Blame should be to me for I loved you without inhibitions

I am unconditionally in love, and now maybe I was
I was perfectly engaged, but the thread had just loosen its tight
I was kind of disoriented, and the fragments are all over again
Don’t worry I saved something for myself, but the death is one breath away

Pain is rushing down in me, tears are flowing out my eyes
Trying to be in my best content, trying to stand with a guise of smile
But I just let go of forever, cause forever is now just a word
It isn’t now an adjective of us, it’s where we must have been belong

I just can’t let you to come back for you chose to go away
I can’t keep fighting for this love for you just let it out our way
But I am saving all your memories ‘cause I’ve already made our future
I just have to erase it now ‘cause we had just lost each other

As I lay myself to rest, where I know I will be at peace
I will be somewhere in your past, I will be at ease
I will looking down to you, I will be always at your side
Please remember me, whenever you can’t feel your heart

I hope that someone new will be good to you
I hope you will also feel the love I used to offer you
I hope you’ll never feel any resentment like what I feel for myself right now
I just can’t hate you, I’m just sad for the world is unfair again somehow

And now there is no you and me, but please don’t forget
Somehow I know we were real, we gave all our best
We laughed most of the time, but the time just don’t permit us for long
You took your love away, and I just have to let my love go on

I never had the chance to write something beautiful for you
Never had the way of showing that you are my endless truth
Never could imagine that I am alone again in love
Hope someday I can love again unconditionally, I hope I can go back.


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