Here In The Rain

I am tired, as if this breathing is now getting hard for me
I am suffocated, many things going on my mind unendingly
I want to lay my self down where there is no pain and fears
I want to cry but there’s no tears left to wash away my grief

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Cum Deus Videātor Remotus (When God Seems Distant)

Silence in darkness, weeping inside
Grasping for a breath and still couldn’t find
Flowing without direction, dying in pain
Walking full of emotion, looking back again

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How Deep is Your Faith?

Para kaming styrofoam, na kahit ilubog kami sa ilalim [ng dagat], lulutang pa rin kami dahil sa aming kababawan.

We’re like styrofoam, even you put us into deep [of the ocean], still we will surface because of our shallowness“, words from a friend. She is pertaining about her faith in this one. Faith of believing and living for God. She is a believer, she has a faith, but it’s not enough according to her.

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